Flowers have been a traditional gift for every occasion that is followed from years now. Though the flower gifting patterns and gestures have changed, but flowers have remained the same – as special as always. Everyone loves receiving a bunch of fresh flowers, either on any special occasion or just when they feel low. Presenting flowers to your loved ones will not only help you strengthen your bonds but will also let the receiver feel loved and special.

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We have some suggestions about the top occasions when charming flowers serve as the best gift –


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Any flower that is bright and colorful works best for birthday celebrations. It is always a good idea to go with the favorite flower of the recipient, but it’s also good idea to gift flowers according to the months, each month has its own specific flower. To get an idea for the perfect flower for birthdays, let’s see every month’s flowers –

January – Carnation

February – Violet

March – Daffodil

April – Daisy

May – Lily

June – Rose

July – Larkspur

August – Gladius

September – Aster

October – Marigold

November – Chrysanthemum

December – Poinsettia

If you do not want to go with the month flowers for your friends, you can always go for gifting yellow flowers that signify friendship, optimism and joy. Yellow carnations represent disappointment, so they should be avoided.


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Flowers are the best gift to congratulate someone for they success achieved. Just as there are specific gifts for every anniversary year, there are specific flowers too for each anniversary year.

5th – Daisy

10th – Daffodil

15th – Rose

20th – Aster

15th – Iris

30th – Lily

Red or pink rose are the fall-safe for every anniversary as they represent love and passion.


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It is a trend to bring a bunch of flowers to the first date. Giving one to someone with whom you have gone out for quite a several times is a good idea. Orchids, tulips and dandelions are the best to take with you on a date.


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Sending large and formal funeral flower bouquets is common too. Funeral flowers are sent directly to the funeral home and serve as an honor to the deceased. Blue, white and green colored flowers indicate peace, humility and calmness and are considered as a comforting gesture during at sad times. While one should avoid sending orange and red colored flowers – for they invoke energy and passion.


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It is best to choose a bouquet of favorite flowers for the one you need to thank or the ones that suit their personality. If you are confused about both the factors, presenting them carnations, lilies or daisies work really well for saying “thank you”.

Next time if you want to convey your feelings, do not forget to pick up the perfect flower bouquet.

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