If you honestly believe that love is in the air, then it’s time to put yourself together to make promises with each other. The more you feel, the more you’ll find peace and rest under the umbrella of love.

With the approaching promise day, celebrate your relationship in the most beautiful manner by sending promise day gifts online. Giving a genuine promise to each other would foster a healthy connection between you and your partner. It brings out the pure expressions of love that is spoken by heart- You’re meant to be together and always be near through the good and bad times. And, a special promise to everyone you’re connected makes it more robust and enduring.

It is most often misconceived that only lovers can make promises, but for adults, it indicates the same. Every connection is valuable- be it friendship, mother-daughter/son love, father-daughter/son love, and every other relation should be celebrated. Also, there is no limit to what you’re able to surprise your partner and your loved ones with your creativity. Unlike New Year’s Resolution, promise them with utmost sincerity and stick to it.

So, making things interesting for you, we’ve compiled some funny vows you can make-

Vows to her

  • Vow not to be binging on Netflix alone, and won’t skip ahead.
  • Promise to cherish the weirdness we share, and never let the humdrum of normalcy come between us.
  • Vow to show you off, whether it means posting our pictures on social media or bringing you around my friends.
  • Promise to read bedtime stories every other night until you sleep. Okay, I might sleep before you, but I’ll act awaken when you check on me.
  • Vow to make the bed on every weekend, even if you’re sleeping over it.
  • Promise that after every argument, I’ll order us make-up food along with your fav dessert.

Vows to him

  • Promise not to ask you to take a bath every day, even if you’re stinking.
  • Vow to laugh incredibly (for real) on all your jokes, no matter how stupid they would be.
  • Promise to nag you less on leaving the wet towel on the bed.
  • Vow to try not to call you pumpkin or honey or any other name (that only two of us know) upfront among your friends.
  • Promise to try to be less annoyed while you’re gaming on play station and ignoring my conversation.
  • Vow to try not to chuckle when you do something stupid in public.

So, keep the life exciting even after years and years. Always take a step ahead to remind that how much you love each other. Spend that precious time together and stay happy!

Pour some love by ordering promise day gifts for him/her to celebrate the day. Happy Promise Day!