WACC SPECIAL 4 Stick with Big Bamboo Pot

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Looking for premium Indoor Air purifying Indoor plant for your home or for someone you love or care? Simply purchase this product available with premium add on options just for your loved one from wishacupcake.

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Plant Name – 4 Stick Bamboo
Height – 2.5 inch
Color – Green
Base of Plant – Water

Material – Glass
Length – 2 inch
Width – 2 inch
Height – 2.5 inch
Color – Transparent

Indoor plants can survive indoors and in mild sunlight. These plants purify the room by absorbing the harmful gases, while some of them are good stress busters. very easy to maintain and grow, these are the rejuvenating element for every room. We make sure you get best quality plants with healty growth.


1-Prune yellow,old and decaying leaves and Bamboo to avoid any further damage to plant.

2-Give Mineral Water only.

3-Change Water in every 7 days.

1-Do not over water or under water the plant.Most of the plants die due to over watering.

2-Do not give them direct day sunlight, as it damages the leaves.

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