Corporate Orders

Bulk order’s we have done for some of the major leading brands or companies.

To celebrate various occasions of the company like silver or golden jubilee, success of a project or promotion of an employee, Wish A Cupcake has come up with some delicious and amazing cakes, cupcakes, customised cakes, macaroons, customised cupcakes etc. Our service for corporate orders is available across India. The order can be of any shape, size and quantity, we’ll be able to meet all your needs.

Our tempting cakes will definitely add to the celebration of your company. One motto that Wish A Cupcake follows is uncompromised quality at all times, be it on a weekday, weekend or midnight. Wish A Cupcake will live upto your expectations and make your cerebration enjoyable.


Some of the bulk orders we have done includes companies like Facebook, AON hewitt, Sales Force, Netflix etc.