Celebrate it with a sweet delicacy!

What is the sweetest part of your big day – your cake! Whether you choose vanilla, chocolate or hazelnut almond cream, the taste of the cake is all matters. No matter what affair is like, you’ll always have the memories of the moment you’re going to celebrate. Of course, for your guests, it’s likely another matter entirely. There’s a point in many people’s lives where they feel like celebrating each moment into a big celebration, and for these celebrations, we’re here to transform into memories. Give a glance at it –

Wedding Cakes

Weddings entail the most special day of anyone’s life concerning love emotions. Love is all around! Every moment is celebrated with devotion by bringing friends and family together. You can make your celebration even unique by putting your best foot forward by ordering a wedding cake. The wedding is a social event, and we make it like a remembrance which will be a real masterwork for your wedding.

Make your guests turn their heads at your wedding celebration by choosing a flavor that can match to their taste buds. What would be a better way to remember your wedding than with a scintillating taste that makes the taste buds ecstatic. Let us know your kind of idea, and we’ll customize the same as per your preference. We strive to deliver a cake that is not just a visual retreat but also speaks for its quality. Choose a flavor from a range of flavors – chocolate, chocolate vanilla, red velvet, truffle, and much more to satiate the taste buds of all your guests.

Give us a chance to make your wedding day special by handcrafting a gem that genuinely takes everyone’s heart away with the very first glimpse or teeth into it.

Anniversary Cakes

Anniversary, a day which is celebrated to make the bond stronger between the two-people sealed with love and care. It always demands a grand celebration, and we’d love to equal it by offering you a range of delicious anniversary cakes that will make you sink in love.

We can re-create memories of your wedding day by baking up the cake with sumptuous flavors to sweep you off. Get a flavor to relish the day with a delicious anniversary cake. Surprise your partner by coupling the cake with a bunch of her favorite flowers. It would be a treat for you watching him/her happy with a grinning smile.

To add an element of surprise on your anniversary, deliver cakes and flowers to your special ones across India with us. We bring you a stupendous taste of a heart-melting presentation to make your day memorable.

Party Cakes

Do you want to surprise that friend who hosts the most happening parties in town? We have some fantastic ideas that involve a scintillating presentation and a finger licking taste. We offer a gamut of party cakes in the town by crafting a masterpiece.

Give us some clue about your party theme, and we’ll make your guests turn up their heads to the party. We believe in creating delicacies that are made with the premium quality elements to give a taste that can be savored for long. We’re just not baking delicious cakes but curate an experience that involves a display of your feelings about how much they mean to you.

So, why not host a party with our flavourful party cakes, and we’ll make it special for you.

Couple Cakes

Are you running out of ideas for your special occasion? Stop where you’re, and check out online, Wish A Cupcake to help you with creative ideas. For your special events, we craft a cake which will demonstrate your love and care for each other. You can also set an example by customizing the cake by telling us your idea. We’ll surely deliver you a fantastic cake replicating your concept into the cake design.

Go eggless, if you like. Pick a flavor from a range of exciting tastes and express your love and emotions in a purely romantic manner.  Oder couple cake that you can both enjoy as you create some unforgettable memories.

Baby Shower Cakes

Is your wife expecting a baby? Are you all ready to celebrate that particular moment of your life? Of course, you’re eagerly waiting for that occasion, why not commending the affair by bringing up a cake that has a graphic demonstration of your wife and baby.

Celebrating baby shower is like you’re giving your blessings to the baby and his/her mother. So, we have a range of baby shower cakes which makes you go aww! That’s delectable enough to make everybody’s taste buds on a sweet swing. Aroma of the cake would surely reach to the little one in its way.

You can also give a message to your lady love- how much happy and thankful you’re for bringing up this cute little member into everyone’s life.  Help us to make a memory by giving us an idea of designing it as per your preference that will leave you mesmerized.

Let us know your idea of celebration, and we’ll deliver you the best cakes for making it a sweet tooth of all your guests. Give a refreshing taste to your baked delights by ordering designer cakes for special occasions from wish a cupcake. We’ll shower happiness and scintillating flavor on your taste buds and take the joy to another level.