Lilies are one of the great garden plants for their flower forms, extended season of bloom and reliable disposition. Like most of the fresh flowers, lilies also came from the one of the Greek legends. The goddess Era while feeding her baby, spilled milk on the ground. The very spot on the ground, was growing a lily.

In the ancient times, lilies were used for cosmetic and medical purposes. Crushed bulbs of lilies were used to cure infections while the leaves in combination with honey was used as face cream.

Lilies are naturally found in the northern hemisphere. You can also find these beauties in Asia, Europe and America.


Lilies are known as the symbol of love and happiness. There are more than a hundred varieties of lilies, and the number is still counting.

This is because, each year there are new varieties of lilies introduced to the market. There is not only the variation of colors for lilies, but they are also specialties with striking dots or stripes on them. Lilies are used for happy occasion and at funerals as well.

Colors & Shapes

There is a wide variety of lilies available. To name some –

Li AZ (Asiatic) – Asiatic lilies are easiest to grow and are the earliest to bloom in early-mid summer. They are available in the softest pastels and fiery reds & oranges. They are among the vigorous and long-lived lilies. They are the most common species with trumpet shape and no fragrance. They have straight stems and high bud count.

Li OR (Oriental) – Oriental lilies are for the late summer show. There is just a slight difference in Asiatic and Oriental lilies. Just like Asiatic lilies, Oriental lilies are also easy to grow and are amongst the showy flowers. They look like Asiatic lilies only but have more fragrance and aroma. These lilies are known for their huge size and intense perfume.

Li LF (Longiflorum) – Longiflorum lilies are trumpet shaped, white, fragrant and outward facing flowers. They hang downwards and are wide open. They are basically used for funerals.

Li OT (Oriental-Trumpet) – Oriental-Trumpet lilies are sweetly scented and tree-like. They are sturdy and can grow up to 8 feet. These lilies are trumpet shaped with excellent vase life and a strong smell.

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