Indeed, chocolates are the restorer of flagging energy. A small bite can do wonders. For any chocolate lover, it’s like a love affair with chocolates.

Chocolate is timeless, as it is a sweet delicacy that rejuvenates your soul. Consumption of chocolate causes certain endocrine glands that secrete hormones which makes us happy. Probably, you’ve heard that eating chocolate is good for health. Now, it is taking it as the latest health food. It comprises of compounds called flavonoids that may offer potential health benefits, which may reduce the risk of heart disease and other chronic diseases.

Offering chocolate one-on-one on the special days or events is become a trend, even a box full of chocolates make you grin. You celebrate many occasions with an immense joy by exchanging chocolates to each other. If we talk about the day of love, Valentine’s Day, chocolates are being presented with flowers for expressing your tenderness to your beloved.

Often, chocolates come in different shapes and forms to muse your mind. Chocolates are identified merely by the presence of cocoa solids and cocoa butter in varying proportions. Some are labeled as- bittersweet or semisweet. Whether you’re baking the ultimate chocolate cake or making a chocolate sauce, you’ll have to decide what kind of chocolate to use. A significant amount of cocoa is consumed in the form of chocolate that combines chocolate with sugar and a pinch of sugar.

You can find a wide range of chocolates in the market that has different texture and combination. Some are blended with nuts, raisins or sometimes cookies like Oreo. Here are the most common types of chocolates, we’re offering –

Liquor Chocolates

Chocolates that are filled with alcohol (mostly rum or vodka) are liquor chocolates. These are made with an alcoholic base to that chocolate has been added.

Chocolate Truffle Balls

These chocolate balls have a coating of dark chocolate and filling of chocolate cream ganache at the center. Chocolate truffle balls can be rolled in a variety of layers- crushed toasted coconut, cocoa powder, red and green candy sprinkles, or finely chopped nuts.

Nutty Chocolates

These chocolates have a layer of semi-sweet chocolate on top and nuts mixed with chocolate cream at the center which gives it a crunchy texture.

Praline Chocolates

Praline consists of nuts sugar and cream. These chocolates are like a chocolate shell filled with a liquid combination of hazelnut, almonds, sugar syrup, and much more.

Dark Chocolates

These hold chocolate liquor, sugar, and cocoa butter. Dark chocolate doesn’t contain any milk solids, and the cocoa content (30% to 70-80%) have a unique sweetness of its own. They are considered as a pure form of chocolate.

Cake Pops Chocolates

These chocolates are like sphere cake balls in the form of a lollipop. They are like spongy cake crumb balls which are covered with icing or chocolate and then attached to a lollipop stick.

Soft-centered Chocolates

These chocolates have a hard chocolate shell that is stuffed with liquid fillings of Dark chocolate/white chocolate/Milk Chocolate/Peanut Butter/ Fruit Slushes etc.

Toffee Chocolates

Another variety of chocolate which has thick and crisp chocolate packed with caramel and topped with nuts.

Milky-bar Chocolates

This creamy delight has the richness of milk that melts in the mouth ecstatically. These chocolates have a sweet and creamy texture that feels delectable in every bite.

Almost all desserts- cakes, waffles, brownies, cupcakes, and doughnuts have a little amount of chocolate that soothes your palate. The flavoring of chocolate, either as a filling or coating turn anything into a mouth-watering treat. Wish A Cupcake has an extensive range of chocolates that have different flavor and ingredients. So, if you’re finding one to gift to your loved one, order chocolate cake or chocolates with us at affordable prices.