With Mothering Sunday around the corner, it is the time to fill up those vases in your mom’s room with the prettiest flowers. Go for carnations, roses, orchids and lilies this spring season to really surprise her this Mother’s Day. You can pick a bunch of pink carnations or a bouquet of fresh roses for your mother, both of which signify a mother’s love.

It is believed that every flower that exists, holds some significance in its own way which is why we have come up with meanings that each flower holds for Mother’s Day. You may want to know what kind of flowers you should be gifting your mom on this special day.


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As roses are for Valentine’s Day, carnations are for Mother’s Day. Carnations are the most popular flowers that are gifted to moms around the world on Mother’s Day. Carnations symbolize purity, faith, beauty and charity. Pink carnations particularly represent a mother’s love for her children. Red carnations signify admiration while white carnations are often presented in remembrance of a mother who is no longer living. For the ceremonial importance carnation hold, gift these flowers to your mother as a symbol of love and gratitude.


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Roses are the most gifted flowers for Mother’s Day after carnations. Amongst many colors of roses, pink rose, is traditionally considered as a symbol of mother’s love. Pink color denotes gratitude and appreciation which is exactly that you want to be telling your mom this Mother’s Day. A medium pink hued rose symbolizes grace while a white rose signifies virtue, purity and respect and a yellow rose indicates devotion.


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Orchids have an exotic and majestic appearance. These flowers altogether signify love, refinement and beauty. A purple colored orchid flower is considered to be the perfect Mother’s Day flower. It represents respect and admiration. If you really want to show your mom that you admire her, go for purple orchids this season.


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Lilies are favorites of most ladies. White lilies denote purity and majesty while Calla lilies are the mark of beauty. Day lilies symbolize motherhood – appropriate for Mother’s Day. You can go for any kind of lilies to gift to your mom, we however will recommend you to opt for blooming day lilies.

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