What is love? A feeling that makes you feel butterflies and bring happiness to your mundane life. As you’re getting all lovey-dovey, and feeling guitar is playing in the background, celebrate the day with a cake. Be it your first date or second, the matter is how you commend the time with a bite of happiness. Let’s be cute and romantic at this point when you’re in love – may it love at first sight or you just got to know each other. We’re here to streamline your connotations into reality in the form of scrumptious cake for your sweet tooth. Have a dekko –

Cakes For Her

cake for her wish a cupcake

Do you have a ladylove in your life that you would like to woo? Have you been looking up for some exciting ideas to brighten up these special days? Leave the job on us and enjoy the best experience of your lifetime. We bake fresh cakes to cover all your different affairs.

A cake can represent your truest feelings to her, so gift the taste of a delectable delight to bag her appreciation. Sit back, relax and order a cake for her that reminds her of you around. Celebrate her special days with a delicious cake delivered to her doorstep. Let your lady love smack her lips in the refreshing taste.

Cakes For Him

cake for him wish a cupcake

Are you in love with your guy? If you’re questing for the options to gift, for his sweet tooth, a sweet delicacy would be a simple and cute surprise for him, and we aspire to be a curator of it. Give him a lifelong experience by ordering a cake for him for celebrating these days.

Be it his graduation day, convocation day or promoted to an excellent post, celebrate them with us. We customize cake that is handcrafted with love and can display your heartful emotions to him. Double his happiness with a delightful cake that melts his heart away when he gets his teeth in.

We have a gamut of cakes in the same class, look out –

Love Cake

love cake wish a cupcake

Love is an untamed force that yields the world. Celebrate it with a genuine feeling by dedicating a gift in the form of cake.

If your friend is just got engaged or may during their honeymoon period, you can surprise him/her by ordering love cake from us. We also customize it as per your idea to present a romantic feel for the special days. Make them feel special and loved, as they are!

Girly Cake

girly cake

A cake that is crafted while keeping a girl’s emotions in thoughts. What does she like? Is she a makeup lover, a shopper, or a foodie? There is something for every other girl’s persona.

Let us know your thoughts on your kind of girly cake, and we will bake the same to make you treasure the happiness. Be it your mother, best friend, girlfriend or wife; we have them all covered with a delectable range of baked surprises. Even when you are miles away, make your presence felt most especially.

Gym Cake

gym cake wish a cupcake

Is your friend a gym freak? Or just loves to sweat out in the gym? If a special day is approaching in his/her life, celebrate it with our delicious gym cake. We’re here to give a new definition to your thoughtful ideas for your loved ones.

Let us know something about them and their gym regimes, and we will customize it accordingly. We’ll make it delicious enough to have them bowled. So, sprinkle an element of surprise and love to their special days.

Sports Cake

sport cake wish a cupcake

Are you around a sports enthusiast? We have a beautiful cake surprise for all these sports crazy people in your life. Combining diverse ingredients while displaying your idea, we bake a treat that would have a lip-smacking taste. Turn up their taste buds to dive into a flavor which they’ll never forget. Feast the day by sending sports cake to your mate.

Profession Cake

profession cake wish a cupcake

Does your mate just become a doctor or a software engineer? We got you covered with profession cakes to celebrate their achievements with sweet pleasures. Add some sparkle to their new profession! Give us an idea, and we’ll bake you an absolute delight.

Lookalike Cake

lookalike cake wish a cupcake

Never heard of it? Are you wondering what these cakes are all about? A cake which represents your daily dilemma or what you like to do on a day-to-day basis. It’d be a perfect delicacy for your loved ones that can bring tears of joy.

If your friend is binge on watching Netflix or love to read books while lying upside down on the couch, we’ll replicate the scene on the cake. It is like an attempt to recreate real-life scenes into a delicious pleasure, that’s why saying it lookalike cake. We make it palatable for your taste buds to feast on yet refreshing for the eyes to look at.

We believe in making occasions special that conveys the warm feelings to your loved ones. Order designer cakes from Wish A Cupcake and relish the days.