Cake, a delicacy that reveals your sweetest feelings to your loved ones.  It is often served as a savory treat on ceremonial occasions. These occasions include, but are not limited to, weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays. The cake is a key to every celebration. Filled with fruits, nuts or dessert sauces, iced with buttercream, and decorated with candied fruit; it makes you go nuts over the sweetness.

Enjoy the ceremonies and milestones of your life with our extensive range of cakes. No matter what the variety is – layer cakes, sheet cakes, Bundt cakes, cheesecakes, it will always bring you to the table. After every meal, the cake elicits admiration. No dessert is quite as remarkable as the cake. Our idea is to keep all different styles of cakes with different flavors alive. So, scroll down to know some of our best cakes –

Coffee Cake

coffee cake wish a cupcake

Do you find the taste of coffee refreshing? Does coffee relieve you from an exhausting day at work? We bring you the taste of delectable coffee in a rich, creamy cake that will intensify your senses with pleasure. Moist bread with the taste of coffee along with crumbly topping makes this cake a treat for your taste buds. Is anyone in your family and friends a coffee lover? Then, woo them with this enriching coffee cake as nothing beats the taste of coffee.

Butterscotch Cake

butterscotch cake wish a cupcake

We always attempt to get you a new flavor for your occasions that you can enjoy. And the Butterscotch cake is one of such delights that is splendid. Do you like butterscotch ice-cream? Then, you’ll also fall in love with Butterscotch cake. Its soft layers of bread are infused with sweet butterscotch buttercream frosting which will melt in your mouth. Your friend’s birthday is around the corner, so order delicious butterscotch cake to give them a surprise. We’ll deliver it at midnight to bag their appreciation for your thoughtful choices.

Choco Almond Cake

choco almonds cake wish a cupcake

The combination of almond and chocolate is one to die for. The crispiness of almonds along with smooth chocolate will make you go gaga over the taste. Don’t worry, we’ll get it delivered inside the comfort of your home with our home delivery service. So, order the Choco Almond Cake and enjoy the luscious taste. Dig your teeth in and take a bite of this heavenly delight, and you won’t be able to stop yourself from taking another bite again and again.

Choco Chip Cake

choco chip cake wish a cupcake

The delicious taste of chocolate chips introduced in between layers of bread with rich chocolate frosting will soothe your palate. Dive into this rich chocolaty experience with our delicious Choco chip cake. Experience irresistible taste. Order Choco chip cake to entice your loved ones into a world of happiness. Let your loved ones enjoy the taste.

Mango Cake

mango cake wish a cupcake

In summers, mango cake is a total respite from other regular cake flavors. Combining the sweetness of the juiciest fruit, with whipped cream spread over layers of bread, will bowl over your loved ones. Are you fond of mangoes? Then our delectable mango cake, that has chunks of mangoes in it, will make you fall in love with it. You can also order delightful mango cake as a gift to your loved ones.

White Forest Cake

white forest cake wish a cupcake

Let your taste buds experience the flavor of white chocolate in a cake. Our white forest cake, fresh from the oven, is a heavenly experience. You can savor its refreshing taste in your mouth. A cake like no other! It combines silky smooth frosting and white chocolate flakes, which will surely beat your expectations.

Chocolate Heart Cake

chocolate heart cake wish a cupcake

When rich chocolate blends with soggy bread and is garnished with a thick layer of chocolate icing, it will amuse your senses. It is available in the shape of a heart. If you gift it to your lovemate, she’ll be over the moon. So, express your love this anniversary or birthday with a chocolate heart cake that is an irresistible dessert pleasure.

Chocolate Fruit Cake

chocolate fruit cake

Do you love the taste of exotic fruits and chocolate together? Would you like to dive in a chocolaty treat that combines the flavors of various fruits? Our delicious chocolate fruit cake is one such blend that makes your mouth water. Appetizing kiwis, juicy strawberries, amazing grapes, and other exciting fruits, wonderfully sliced into small chunks. And imagine this topped on a bed of thick chocolate icing. Does it make you delighted? Our chocolate fruitcake is a heavenly delight that will make you lick your fingers.

Jumpstart your occasion with a fantastic midnight cake delivery surprise. Whether you choose the eggless or regular version of cake for your loved ones, we’ll deliver it to their doorstep.

Order cake online in Delhi to surprise your loved ones with a lip-smacking treat from Wish A Cupcake. We’ll pour your emotions and sentiments into it. This will leave you and your loved ones asking for more. If you’re sitting miles away from your loved ones and want to brighten their days with your warm love and emotions, we deliver cakes there too with great pleasure.