Did you know Mother’s Day is on May 13th?  You’re only twelve days behind the big day to find the perfect gift for your mother.

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We are excited to let you know that our bakers are sharing new cake flavors to helping you create a beautiful and utterly remarkable celebration. So, we have been baking cakes for years and years long. We never fall short of the ideas, and willing to spend hours designing, baking, and creating cakes, just for you.

We love to kick out delicious treats in no time that would fit the bill and makes her day special. These creations are rightly adorable to gift to your mother on Mother’s Day to make her feel special.

Well, who doesn’t love the goodness of flavors in a cake? Over the course of next twelve days, we will be going to sharing with you simple yet amusing cakes that your mother will love. There are ideas galore in there! Go take a look –

Strawberries On The Top!

mothers day wish a cupcake

If your mother is fond of strawberries, we might recommend you to take up this opportunity favorable and Order Cake Online in Goa for her. The cake is topped with luscious strawberries, and its buttercream makes it more delicious.

Champagne-Infused Cake

Add a dash of refreshing champagne by choosing the flavor for the party. It comes with fresh toppings of vanilla buttercream with a champagne-infused base to get mingled with the flavors. It can be a perfect choice if you serve with a glass of fizz to her.

Fruity – Love Bundt

mothers day wish a cupcake

Make her feel a kid again and feed her this fruity cake as a breakfast meal. A cake blended with fruity flavors while having froot loops on the top makes her day exciting ahead. And yes, you can serve it any time of the day!

Say – Cheese With Cheesecake

mother's day wish a cupcake

A classic love is all she wants! A cheesecake topped with strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries is better than anything else. Go for this traditional yet contemporary flavor this Mother’s Day. It would be a stunning centerpiece of your gala!

Lavender Is All – Around!

mother's day wish a cupcake

Is she fancy about everything lavender? No worries! A lavender cake is here! It has plenty of flavors without being overloaded with icing. A cake infused with classic vanilla extract and boosted with a hint of lavender for that rich aroma.

Cranberry – The Evergreen Flavor!

mothers day wish a cupcake

A cake immersed in piquant flavors of cranberry and orange, filled with coffee aroma. How does it sound to you? No knife is needed to cut the cake, just pull apart and make her enjoy the flavors. Blow away your celebration by its intricate taste.

If you’re looking for Mother’s Day gift ideas or hosting a brunch at home this year, just show your love for her by opting one of these cakes for your small in-house party. Order cake for Mother’s Day that is as special as she is. Make her happy with a surprise cake as no mother would have expected this little surprise from you.