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  • Sale! Deep Nutty Snickers Cake

    Deep Nutty Snickers Cake

     2,000  1,540
  • Sale! Teacher's Day Cake

    Teacher’s Day Cake

     1,699  1,250
  • Sale! Thankyou Teacher Cake

    Thankyou Teacher Cake

     1,699  1,290
  • Sale! Ash Ketchum Cake

    Ash Ketchum Cake

     1,899  1,450
  • Sale! Pikachu Cake

    Pikachu Cake

     1,899  1,450
  • Sale! Thankyou Cake

    Thankyou Cake

     1,899  1,450
  • Sale! Growing Up Cake

    Growing Up Cake

     1,949  1,499
  • Sale! Teenager Cake

    Teenager Cake

     1,999  1,540
  • Sale! Spider Man Cake

    Spider Man Cake

     1,999  1,540
  • Sale! Ariel Cake

    Ariel Cake

     1,999  1,540
  • Sale! Best Teacher Cake

    Best Teacher Cake

     1,999  1,540
  • Sale! Girl Cake

    Girl Cake

     2,000  1,540
  • Sale! Dog Cake

    Dog Cake

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
     2,000  1,540
  • Sale! Cricket Bat Cake

    Cricket Bat Cake

     2,000  1,540
  • Sale! Pleasant Puma Bat Cake

    Pleasant Puma Bat Cake

     2,000  1,540
  • Sale! Animal Baby Shower Cake

    Animal Baby Shower Cake

     4,000  3,150
  • Sale! Love Cake

    Love Cake

     2,000  1,540
  • Sale! Candy Crush Cake

    Candy Crush Cake

     2,000  1,540
  • Sale! Captain America Cake

    Captain America Cake

     2,000  1,540
  • Sale! Iron Man Cake

    Iron Man Cake

     2,000  1,540
  • Sale! Hulk Cake

    Hulk Cake

     3,000  2,360
  • Sale! Deadpool Cake

    Deadpool Cake

     2,000  1,540
  • Sale! Wolverine Cake

    Wolverine Cake

     2,000  1,540
  • Sale! Black Panther Cake

    Black Panther Cake

     2,000  1,540
  • Sale! Ant Man Cake

    Ant Man Cake

     2,000  1,540
  • Sale! Rocket Raccoon Cake

    Rocket Raccoon Cake

     2,000  1,540
  • Sale! Batman Cake

    Batman Cake

     2,000  1,540
  • Sale! Superman Cake

    Superman Cake

     2,000  1,540
  • Sale! Joker Cake

    Joker Cake

     4,000  3,350
  • Sale! Green Lantern Cake

    Green Lantern Cake

     2,000  1,540
  • Sale! The Flash Cake

    The Flash Cake

     2,000  1,540
  • Sale! Daffy Duck Cake

    Daffy Duck Cake

     2,000  1,540
  • Sale! Sylvester Cake

    Sylvester Cake

     2,000  1,540
  • Sale! Speedy Gonzales Cake

    Speedy Gonzales Cake

     2,000  1,540
  • Sale! Goofy Cake

    Goofy Cake

     2,000  1,540
  • Sale! Donald Duck Cake

    Donald Duck Cake

     2,000  1,540
  • Sale! Looney Tunes Cake

    Looney Tunes Cake

     2,000  1,540
  • Sale! Barbie Cake

    Barbie Cake

     2,000  1,540
  • Sale! Repunzel Cake

    Repunzel Cake

     2,000  1,540
  • Sale! Snowhite Cake

    Snowhite Cake

     2,000  1,540
  • Sale! Aurora Cake

    Aurora Cake

     2,000  1,540
  • Sale! Dora Cake

    Dora Cake

     2,000  1,540
  • Sale! Elsa Cake

    Elsa Cake

     3,000  2,360
  • Sale! Blossom Cake

    Blossom Cake

     2,000  1,540
  • Sale! Bubbles Cake

    Bubbles Cake

     2,000  1,540
  • Sale! Powerpuff Girls Cake

    Powerpuff Girls Cake

     2,000  1,540
  • Sale! Olaf Cake

    Olaf Cake

     2,000  2,000
  • Sale! Ben Tennyson Cake

    Ben Tennyson Cake

     2,000  1,540

Order cakes for children in over 500 cities
Children anticipate their birthdays with a lot more fervour than adults, and really look forward to their special day. When you go all out to arrange the best party for your precious tiny tots, why not order from the special Children’s section at Wish A Cupcake, and really surprise your kid? Childrens’ cakes come in all shapes, sizes, themes and flavours, and have a diverse variety to appeal to kids of all ages.

Make your child’s birthday extra special
From Harry Potter to Iron Man, and Sponge Bob to Chhota Bheem, Wish A Cupcake promises the most diverse and unique variety of childrens’ cakes. It doesn’t matter if your kid is a fan of Barbie or Cinderella, Doremon or Tom & Jerry, Superman or Batman; we have beautifully designed cakes for everyone! Minions, Bugs Bunny, Mario, Pokemon: we’ve got it all covered. And, no matter if your kid likes Candy Crush or Cricket, we also have on offer special games and sports based childrens’ cakes.

Send childrens’ cakes anywhere in India
If you want to create a uniquely special memory for your kid, and truly overwhelm your child on his or her birthday; select a special kids’ cake, and let it do the rest. Rest assured, we will design the most remarkable kids’ cake, and your kid will be the talk of the town (classroom!) for a long time. Let your kid to truly cherish the day that has been awaited in excitement for weeks, and let them revel in the glory of a truly unique cake!


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