One look at a drip cake and you fall in love! Your mouth truly begins to water! It’s a fun trend of dripping ganache over the top of the cake. We love to experiment with cake designs, and drip cake is one of our favorites new designs.

Wondering how we use dripping technique on our cakes? Generally, our bakers use the drizzle technique on the fabulous candy-theme cakes. Whether it is a one-tier or two-tier cake, it will feature shades of different colors with glittery (or simple) fondant. They adorn the cake by using fondant lollipops, gumdrops, and sprinkles. We always try to add a touch of elegance to our cakes to beautify your celebrations. Order cake online in Visakhapatnam as we have different patterns of cakes to choose from for your grand party.

Drip cakes go well with almost any other dessert. Simply adding a playful touch of colorful macaroons and fondant on the cake will amuse your taste. Without a doubt, we have a combination of mouth-watering cakes with corresponding cake pops, brownies, chocolates, macaroons, and of course, mini cupcakes with assorted flavors. Also, we create drip cakes in different flavors and lively colors to match with your party. Order drip cake online in Vellore, if you’re looking a cake for your kids in the house, then it will be eye-catching for them. When cake is blended with contrasting colors and collection of sweet treats on top of the cake, it will reflect more fun to your munchkins.

It’s fun seeing the variety of toppings over dripping cakes! We incorporated our cakes with the embellishments like – Oreo chocolates, macaroons, marshmallows dipped in the strawberry sauce that entices your little kids to have it in one go. Of course, your kind of taste matters to us. So, we do customization of cakes as per your necessities. We also add a surprise to our delicious drip cakes to pull off a playful effect on any party. Our every cake is topped with a collection of dipped cookies, white and dark chocolate bark and colorful macaroons. Also, sprinkle the bottom of the cakes with confetti while our chocolate version is freckled by crushed almonds.

We create celebration cakes in the manner that it would double the fun at the party. For more inspiring cakes, you can check out our extensive range of cakes. Order delicious cake online in Siliguri that includes an assortment of French macaroons, confetti, cookies and other sweet elements to be in the party mood. What if the cake is dripping with soft and chewy salted caramel along with chocolate ganache and sprinkles of chopped walnuts? Well, it’s taste will blow your mind. So, why not order our excellent collection of drip cakes that are specially prepared for your special events.

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