It’s time to celebrate a mini marvel celebration in superhero style! Bring all the action-packed adventure and excitement of your favorite superheroes direct to your doorstep with lip-smacking CAKES.

Back when you used to peruse Marvel comics, now the characters are being drawn-out in the form of cakes. Whether superhero cakes are designed like saving the planet or the city, your superhero party would be a memorable experience for anyone who has ever yearned for it.

Make your superhero party epic with our extensive collection of cakes. You’re sure to find a cake that suits your Superhero party and turn out to be a party favorite. So, order superhero cake to celebrate your concerns. You don’t need to give it a second thought to the fact that Superheroes top the list of anyone’s fantasy and fascination, especially kids. Not only the little munchkins, but the elder ones also dreaming of turning their favorite characters into something (it might be cake even!). And that’s why it would be a fabulous idea to go for a Superhero party – with a Superhero cake.

Celebrations bring out the superpowers in all of us. And the cake is always being the centerpiece of any party – perch in a place of honor with lovely candles glowing on top of it. The taste of a cake matters, it’s palpable! Although, besides the flavor – shape, color, size, and design of the cake are the primary considerations as well. For making it happen, a real piece of cake, here are SUPERHERO Cakes that can make the part an unforgettable affair for years to come.

Spiderman – Web Slinging

spiderman cake wish a cupcake

One of the most famous superheroes of the world, who has an immense fan following everywhere. What if, your favorite superhero character turned into a delicious treat, just like an elaborately decorated SPIDERMAN Cake. A spider is sitting on top, while the cake is covered with an edible spiderweb throughout. It won’t fail to surprise in any manner.

Superman – Superhuman Strength

Superman Cake wish a cupcake

Not only Spiderman, but the actual show stealer is – Superman with his cape. And the best part is that the cake is adorned with Superman’s symbol ‘S’ which makes it even more fantasizing for Superman lovers. The cake features a Superman theme pulled off using blue icing at the top. Of course, his miniature figure will be great to place on the cake.

Captain America – Shield

Captain America Cake wish a cupcake

Captain America plays the starring role in The Avengers – movie series, whose part takes your breath away. And if you find the soft layers of cake adorned with Captain America’s shield – the lovely decorations will achieve the theme of your celebration. It’s all about how you want to dress up your cake.

Thor – Mjolnir (the hammer of Thor)

Thor Cake wish a cupcake

Nothing says more than the Thor Cake that features a classic and realistic, but deliciously edible. The cake is the sheer perfection that represents the story of Thor with a smooth and creamy frosting that beautifies a moist cake base of your choice of flavor. The Thor Cake will compliment your Superhero party that you could imagine for the treat.

Hulk – Anger

Hulk Cake wish a cupcake

No matter what flavor your cake score, but a super quick design of Hulk with fantastic touch can make you celebrate the event with out-of-the-world charm. The super strong hero, HULK is your favorite character, and if the cake is decorated with bright green color frosting, your celebration will be at peak.

Batman – Gadgets man

Batman Cake wish a cupcake

A complete piece (cake) of fascination, integrating the charisma of Batman – for whom you’re fancied about. You must have BATMAN Cake which will embellish your Superhero party. The royal combination of black and yellow makes the cake even more appealing, not to forget, it tastes great. So, come into action to celebrate Superhero party with unbeatable grace.

Ironman – High-tech Suits

Iron Man Cake wish a cupcake

Let your guests wonder how a masked Ironman face turns into a delicious cake which will create a Superhero aroma at the celebration. You can add your choice of filling in between the layers of a cake. It will let your imagination come to life once you cut it down in layers.

Wolverine – Adamantium Claws

Wolverine Cake wish a cupcake

If you love to add an abstract touch to your creations, doesn’t matter if it’s a delicious cake, then Wolverine Cake is something that makes you utterly happy. Each layer of the cake is reflecting a Superhero, Wolverine with his signature power as he got the adamantium claws. It will be the coolest one in your Superhero party.

Wonder Woman – Godlike Powers

Wonder Woman Cake wish a cupcake

Talking of Wonder Woman, and you think of the unearthly heroine that she is – with her powers and equipment. Ok, let’s just say hi to the most famous Superheroine of Marvel in the form of delightful cake that brings the world into your mouth. Yes, the cake is baked with a mix of flavors as per your choice to celebrate the day.

Deadpool – Regeneration

Dead Pool Cake wish a cupcake

Do you wonder about Deadpool’s special power? Then a thick layer of crusting buttercream covering each of the layers of Deadpool Cake that will let you celebrate the heroic fondness of a character. The cake has got something like a star element – a funky pattern, a good aspect of décor that scores the incredible cake at its best.

Whether your little one or you fancy the unearthly powers of Superheroes, loves their unbeatable strength, the carefree and nerdy charm which is so adorable or goes merely gaga over these fantastic characters, so we’ve something in store for you. You can make your Superhero party a fun-filled and heroic event by ordering superhero cakes from Wish A Cupcake. All you need to do- pick up your favorite character, flavor and get your order at your doorstep.

Happy Partying!